Synergen Housing Co-op Units

Synergen is made up of 44 units which are mostly 2 or 3 bedroom townhouses. We also have a couple of second floor 2 bedroom apartments and several first floor adapted apartments. It is very rare for an apartment to become available and the most common vacancies are the 3 bedroom townhouses.

Unit breakdown and charges

Unit type # of units Housing charges 2021* Housing charges 2022*
Townhouse (3 bedroom) 26 $1,194/month $1,206/month
Townhouse (2 bedroom) 12 $1,105/month $1,116/month
Adapted apartment (2 bedroom) 3 $1,015/month $1,025/month
Apartment (2 bedroom) 2 $1,015/month $1,025/month
Office 1 N/A N/A

*Members are also responsible for all utility costs for their unit and are required to hold tenant's insurance.

Three bedroom townhouse photos

Two bedroom townhouse photos